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Medal of Honor recipient Hershey Miyamura and his lifetime friend Joe Annello (Silver Star) introduced
the book Forged in Fire written by Ranger Hale of Famer, Vincent H. Okamoto.  This saga of two lifelong friends is one to put on the Read Now list!  The book is an incredible account of Hershey and Joe’s struggles through the war in Korea and how they and their families handled some pretty heart wrenching situations.  It made me proud as a Veteran and as an American to read and to meet these two extraordinary gentlemen and their wonderful wives.  Photographed at The Treasure house in Old Town Albuquerque these photos are compliments of Mr. Miyamora and Mr Annello photographed by one of the premiere Albuquerque Photographers  Daryl Custer. You may right click on the large images and download for free!

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